Character Animator

Character Animator

This application requires you to apply through email. Prefer to apply through Roblox’s Talent Hub? No problem! Apply here:

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🕺 The team

Emotes CO is at the forefront of social hangout experiences in Roblox. We've created TTD 3, our flagship game, which has been bringing players together through dance since 2020 and is building up to be the most interactive social experience within Roblox.

⚒️ The role

This is a creative and sometimes self-led position. You will be expected to contribute ideas and work on those assigned to you. When you own a project, you will work independently or with others to take it from a concept to a finished product. Your creative input and initiative is essential to this process.

We’re looking for a proactive and talented animator who is ready to bring fluid and expressive animations to TTD 3 in the form of dances, poses, weapon animations (third-person) and other character animations.

As a Character Animator, you will join our department of Contractors to contribute animations of varying degrees and types to projects or assignments.

You will:

  • Work in coordination with Emotes CO's Animation Team to deliver animations of varying degrees and lengths on characters or items
  • Use Discord to report to the Ownership Team regarding your works
  • Manage your own time and your own projects, whether you are working alone or collaborating
  • Make use of Trello to self-assign (or be assigned) projects to complete, sometimes with deadlines
  • Work on your own hours, so long as you meet deadlines and quotas

📄 The requirements

All applicants must be at least 16 years of age before applying. If you’re 16 soon, wait until you turn 16 before applying.
We require all Contractors to sign a legal agreement that contains your full legal name (and if you want to benefit from bank payments, your home address). If you’re under 18, you’ll need a parent or guardian to do this for you. We’ll support you through the process if you need it and explain everything thoroughly.

You are:

  • Experienced: You should have at least 2 years of notable experience in character animation using software such as Blender in order to bring your work from the start to the finish.
  • Curious: You are enthusiastic and excited to work on new projects in order to strengthen your skills or foster new ones.
  • Creative: You take a thoughtful and thorough approach to solving problems. You bring in great ideas from various inspirations, and pull from past experiences.
  • A Team Player: You are ready to contribute to an expansive and worldwide team of like-minded creatives in your field. You are respectful of criticism and opinions and ready to share your own.
  • A Collaborator: You are excited to work alongside people with the same skills as you to deliver work of outstanding quality efficiently.
  • Dependable: You manage your time effectively, and can meet time constraints if you agree to them.
  • Flexible: You are ready to contribute in your other areas of expertise if need be.

You may be:

  • Proficient in rigging with Blender or Roblox Studio
  • Familiar with social media’s ongoing trends

💰 The compensation

You’ll enjoy:

  • Fair and calculated compensation upon public release of your work
  • Up to 50,000 Robux per project
  • Support regarding the Developer Exchange program if needed
  • Access to escalated Roblox support when dealing with issues that impact your work
  • Recognition as a Contractor across our community

💼 To apply

Email us at and tell us about yourself and what you can do!

We’ll need you to include:

  • The job title as the subject of the email
    • If we don’t see a valid job title, we normally don’t read the email. This helps us sort through them easier!
  • Your “elevator pitch”
    • Tell us a little about yourself! Why do you want this job and why is it a good idea for us to hire you?
  • Either a CV, Resume or Digital Portfolio
    • Make sure that it at least includes more details about your experience including previous positions and any skillsets you possess.